Blessing of Digital Publishing

April 19th, 2011 admin TechNews 0

Digital publishing is no longer a business concern in terms of revenue and readers. Once criticized by many, has now become the popular platform for readers and publishers.

With the blessing of publishing software, digital publishing has gained huge popularity among the readers and also publishing industry.

Few reasons are obvious behind the success of digital publishing. Take a look of the advantages of digital publishing below:

Lower budget
It eliminates paper and printing machine. Few computers and manpower are well enough to begin this business. Your budget will be incredibly low. Once was impossible to many because of huge capital, now well in your reach, thanks to digital publishing software and online.

Traditional publishing needs long working hours for final printing output. In contrast digital publishing can deal with issues with much faster. Readers don’t have to wait for newspaper hawkers, instead a click on mouse is well enough for digital publishing.

Easier to preserve and search
Forget about hectic search in library for previous edition. Rather go for specific search with date, and get your expected version in no time. For example of searching recent technology news, just types technology news with date and end with several search results published in various online media. In addition online publishing needs only a hard drive to store millions of copies, where as traditional newspaper needs enormous space and shelf in order to preserve.

Knowing readers comments in no time
It is a great opportunity for readers, put on their comments instantly. Publisher can also know about readers view and can take necessary changes regarding readers’ expectation.

Publication diversity
Publishers can offer diversified edition for different countries or region. It is a great advantage of digital publishing. With the same amount of cost owners can provide same stories or topics with different headlines according to countries culture and the habit of online readers.

Nokia’s “Comes With Music” service

January 20th, 2009 admin TechNews 0

Following a good experience in Britain, the world’s top mobile phone maker Nokia plans to roll out its unlimited music service in Australia and Singapore later first quarter of 2009, in February and March and is eyeing further expansion in Europe and the United States.

Like any organization trying to sell music, Nokia needs to secure rights agreements with both the recorded music side of the business and the publishing side. So the group had recently secured a breakthrough on a pan-European publishing deal.

Nokia’s “Comes With Music” service offers unlimited music from the four major music labels and many independents. The music can be kept after the yearly contract has expired.

The individual tracks can be downloaded to the phone and a single computer and are free, though the cost of the music is reflected in the price of the phone itself.

Carphone Warehouse, the sole retailer of Nokia’s service in Britain, recently cut the price of one of the phones and analysts speculated that the phone had yet to take off.

Nokia also considering providing some content in exchange for advertising, such as videos and news from music magazines to accompany the sale of music.

Technological development and enhancement in 2008

December 27th, 2008 admin TechNews 0

Technology 20084 days to go – We will be bidding farewell to 2008 and welcoming 2009!
Throughout the year, we have witnessed different incidents with mixed emotion. But it is the discoveries in the world of technology made us smile and proud.

Lets have a quick look back and see what this year had to offer for all the tech addicts.

In 2008, Nintendo surprised us by presenting Wii Fit. This is a highly interactive training programme through which weight loss becomes almost effortless.

This device is built-in with different kinds of hardcore and gruelling exercises. Does that scare you? Well, I guess it shouldn’t, since all of the activities have been designed in such a manner that you will definitely enjoy working out with Wii Fit.

Its sleek and elegant balance board peripheral measures the distribution of your weight and pressure. It allows you to shed a tonnes of kilos and pounds and that too at only $90 approximately without even going to the gym.

Up next we have peek, which has been referred as this year’s “Gotta-have gadget!” It’s been designed for everyone, literally, especially people who have a constant job of sitting upright and sending and replying to e-mails 24/7.

Peek is only a mobile phone dedicated solely to e-mail. By spending only $100 on the phone itself along with a low monthly fee of $20, you can have access to your e-mail day and night through peek.

Each year Apple Macintosh has something up it’s sleeves. And this year it was no different.

This year Apple brought you the new, amazingly thin and stylish Macbook Air. It’s regarded as the tinniest notebook (12.8 x 0.16-0.76 inch) that exists in the world. This notebook has got immense storage capacity and the graphics are simply breathtaking.

The gadget is built-in with a bigger and better multi-touch technology and built-in with an iSight camera that is hardly noticeable making your life simpler, ensuring a completely wireless lifestyle.

This device is simply beyond imagination. It has almost everything that you desire. And it can be all yours from $1,799 to $2,499.

Following the Macbook Air notebook we have got the Livescibe Pulse Smartpen, a device developed to help everyone especially students not miss a single thing while taking notes.

The Livescribe Pulse smartpen uses an integrated microphone and a radical method to record and retrieve audio. All you do is write down your notes on a custom microdot notebook and simply tap on the handwritten notes to get the pen to play the appropriate audio. It’s that simple.

This device is different and it will change the way of taking notes and will definitely make a difference in everyone’s life at only $149 approx.

If you have a flair for taking pictures and traveling all around, then the next device will definitely grab your attention. We are talking about the Eye-Fi Explore SD Card.

This is a 2GB card with a built Wi-Fi allowing you to upload pictures you take using your camera to any of your preferred online photo service, anytime and anyplace. Also this allows you to transfer pictures to your personal computer without the hassle of any wires.

One special attribute about the Eye-Fi card is that it allows you to geographically tag the snap clicked by you so that you can go back over the time when you actually had taken the picture. Doesn’t retracing your memories sound really exciting?

So if you are a kind of person who just takes picture and forgets to share, then you better get the Eye-Fi Explore SD card for only $130 now, before people start haunting you for making lame excuses.

Intel is always trying something different so that they can take the entire computer system to another level. And this year they have come up with the Intel Atom Processor.

The Intel Atom processor is the smallest chip built using the world’s smallest transistor (47 million transistors on a single 26 x 26 mm chip).

Tech addicts were amazed at the processor, which was based on an entirely new design, built for low power (ranging from below 1 watt to 2.5 watts) and designed specifically for a new wave of Mobile Internet Devices and simple, low-cost personal computers.

Regardless of its size, the Intel Atom Processor has the capacity of reducing the power levels of computers to highly portable devices creating wonders.

The past few years has been partially dedicated to smart phones. And how could this year not follow the same trend.

T-Mobile brings you T-Mobile G1- the first smart phone using Google’s Android operating system.

The specialty of the phone is it allows you to experience the web at its best, wherever you go, in conjunction with all the different kinds of applications and features of the phone.

The features of the “Google Phone” are endless and it can be yours to enjoy at only $180 approx with the additional monthly service fees.

Next in line is a solid state drive.

This is a data storage device that stores data and information using a solid state memory. Because this gadget follows the interface of typical hard disk drives, replacing them is a piece of cake for a solid state drive.

Solid state drive has the ability to change the entire computing frontier as the possibilities revolving around this device are endless.

Passionate drivers will no longer need to have an eagle’s eye to drive. And I guarantee you, without a doubt they will love what Nissan has brought to them this year. It’s the world’s ever first Around View Monitor.

The gadget offers a bird’s eye view of the vehicle and its surroundings in real time. The system has been designed in such a way that it is easy to see, use and understand.

Using 4 separate cameras, the monitor displays an image of the vehicle from above. This gadget will come handy for people who struggle while parking as using the monitor you can precisely and easily park the car making driving enjoyable and less stressful.

Another latest gadget, which is being the talk of the town, is the Amazon Kindle launched by This is a compact electronic book with instant wireless access to 115,000 books sold by Amazon, an audiobook player, and a wireless Web browser.

Amazon Kindle is all about reading and if you are a person who adores reading then what are you waiting for. Own a Kindle at $395 and have a pocket full of books and enjoy to the max.

2008 has been a rocking and superb year for the world’s technological advancement. The tech of 2008 was catered for all genres of people- both tech addicts and tech amateurs. Time has come to bid adieu to 2008 with a big smile on our face and hope that 2009 is no less.

So lets welcome 2009 and look forward to a year with the hope that technological development and enhancement will be creating a lot of buzz taking the world a few steps closer to an era of digitalisation.